Why migrate LP to Alphadex? Huge APRs! That’s why!

3 min readFeb 5, 2022

How to easily migrate your liquidity from Solarbeam DEX to AlphaDEX.

· Head over to https://app.alphadex.io/migrate — the Alphadex migration page

Click the ‘Migrate’ hyperlink from the top menu of Alphadex

For this example, I will be migrating my FRAX/MOVR from Solarbeam DEX to AlphaDEX to enjoy superior APR%.

· Type in the amount you wish to migrate over or simply click “Max”

· Click on migrate

· Sign and confirm you wish to migrate your LP over to Alphadex

· Proceed to https://app.alphadex.io/pool— the Alphadex pool page and you will see your LP is now in Alphadex.

· Click on Farm tab or go to https://app.alphadex.io/farm and select FRAX/MOVR

· Click on Staking and choose the % you wish to add to farming pool

· Click approve to confirm staking deposit

· Once deposit is confirmed then you are now farming. Click on investment details and you will see your LP details and rewards.

· Thanks and happy LP farming with AlphaDEX! The new lion in Crypto ROAR!!!

About Alphadex

Alphadex is the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver. Alphadex is partnered with the best-in-class technologies to help provide an unparalleled safe trading protocol and user experience. It aims to provide the most accurate up-to-date pricing methodologies with a world-class oracle. Its native token is $ROAR and it has a total supply of 120 million.

For more details, email admin@alphadex.io

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