Stake Baby Roar Tokens and BBR/USDC LP and earn exclusive Baby Roar NFTs!

3 min readSep 2, 2022

So you have earned a fat stack of baby roar tokens and don’t know what to do with them?

We have two new features added to to give Baby Roar token some great earning and collecting potential!

The features have been live for a few days now and functional, however, we needed to deploy the additional NFT minting functionality and that is now complete and LIVE.

1/ You can choose to add liquidity into the Baby Roar/USDC pool (BBROAR/USDC), then go ahead and stake your LP tokens to earn 1–5 NFT’s per month!

You will not only earn on the DEX transactions for that market pair, you will also earn Baby Roar limited edition NFT’s and heck are they cute!

2/ You can also stake the Baby Roar tokens you have earned through our farms to earn 1–5 NFT’s per month. Every month you will need to re-stake, however you can keep rolling it over to fill up your Baby Roar exclusive NFT collection!

If you can’t see your Baby Roar or ROAR rewards in your metamask wallet, make sure you click the token logos on the top our our DEX UI and add them.

To add Liquidity:

You can go to one of two places:

Pools and add BBROAR.USDC

or from

The Stake page

Once approved, click the next tab (Staking) and stake your LP — choose the level you wish to stake from one of the four options

If you wish to stake BBROAR without adding Liquidity

Just remember you will not earn transaction fees on top of the NFTs when just staking alone as you do when LP staking to earn NFTs.

To Stake Baby ROAR to earn NFT’s

on the same Stake page on the left farm menu follow the following and choose your stake level and the amount of NFTs you wish to earn per month — click, approve and sit back as you earn Baby ROAR exclusive NFTs!

We have some great news coming shortly to Alphadex and we are excited to release our new roadmap next week! So please watch this space as we make Alphadex great again! #MAGA

Any questions, hit us up on socials and one of our admins will assist.

For more details, email

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