Q/A with Tillmann Meyer from Plutonians

An Epic Space Adventure RPG With a User-Centric Storyline and Player-Owned Economy

6 min readApr 15, 2022

The Interview

We recently took a little bit of time to sit down with Tillmann Meyer, Writer, Director, and CTO for Plutonians to ask some questions about the upcoming launch. The following was the result of that session.

Savannah Launchpad on Alphadex is hosting a private sale for Plutonians on April 18th. For more information and instructions on how to add liquidity and join that sale, please review our recent article here.

Plutonians is a virtual reality choose your own adventure where everything is an NFT and players interact with the game economy by helping to create customized in-game items and battling it out for galactic supremacy. In future editions, players will also be able to create and institute their own storylines.

Plutonians is built on WebXR and Unreal Engine with crisp graphics in a beautifully rendered multiverse.


1- How do you describe Plutonians to your normie friends?

Plutonians is a video game but the items in the game have deeds like a house.

2- We have had a huge surge in blockchain gaming recently. How is Plutonians different or unique to other games and why is that important?

For one, Plutonians actually has gameplay you can go and try out right now! But beyond this, I think the key strength is our partners who have brought so much more to the table than we originally planned, including best-in-class marketplace tech, dex, defi elements, and more.

3- What does the future roadmap look like in the short and medium-term?

We have not only met our roadmap so far but we’ve been adding to it! We have a living roadmap in the form of labs.plutonians.tech which will allow the community to experience components as they go live, participate in the creation process, and see what’s coming up…

4- What inspired the name and the game itself? Do you recall the exact moment when you decided you wanted to move forward with Plutonians? What triggered it?

Plutonians is the name of the community that gives the project life. We originally started the project around the same time as “safe moon” and “safe mars” and we thought, how can we get as far away from all this nonsense as possible?.. The obvious answer? The ultimate destination in tokenised planetary reconnaissance: PLUTO. We wanted to show people that a crypto based game doesn’t have to be scammy, and that it can actually be a high-quality and vibrant community-led experience.

5- What’s wrong with the current centralized gaming industry?

The centralized gaming industry has a very profitable business model. Most of them get to charge you 30% of the game price simply to let you download it. Now that blockchain has come along and allowed compatibility between games in the form of digital ownership, of course, that’s a problem for the big gaming companies. So they have the gaming community convinced that somehow not expecting in-game items to be transferable between accounts and even between games is not possible…

The reality is it’s not only possible, but it already happens with asset libraries for game engines… Even Meta recently came out with a new metaverse service, but they are still charging 25% fees! Can you imagine if someone charged a 25% commission on OpenSea?

6- Why did you choose to launch on Solana?

Solana is just the fastest and most performant blockchain we found that enabled us to create the real-time game that we wanted to create. We are not allergic to multichain, in fact, we believe the future is multichain, but at the moment Solana was delivering on the expectations I think people have for a next-generation metaverse game.

7- How large is the current team and what are the traits you typically hire for?

We have 4 game devs (in Unreal, WebXR, and Unity) 2 blockchain devs, 2 designers, 4 writers, 3 concept artists, 2 musicians… then of course our amazing socials team and our production team. It’s always fun seeing what the team is getting up to! Generally speaking, we hire quality over quantity, so we will usually skip over which school you went to and try to see what you’ve been doing. We like people who can make decisions and take ownership but mostly we are looking for people who are inspired by the vision and believe in the broader mission of blockchain gaming.

8- How does the community interact with the storyline and how will that develop over time?

So considering the second of the three tenets of metaverse in mind, we’ve built Plutonians from the ground up with extendability and compatibility as a fundamental principle and the story is no exception. We built a fully interactive visual story builder for the team to work on the official storylines and missions but we can’t wait to see what the community creates with it.

9- How do you see the blockchain gaming industry evolving over time and how will that factor in with the success of Plutonians?

I think in the future blockchain will become as invisible and prevalent as the internet. At the end of the day, it’s a means to an end, and that end is reliable decentralised trust. What people do with it, be it video games, deeds to a house, or even the criminal system, that’s up to us. We hope in some small part, Plutonians can help introduce more people to this important technology, because understanding blockchain is the first step to keeping it a positive force for humanity, as it could just as easily be used for bad…

10- How do you define success as it relates to the long-term vision and which landmarks would help you define that success?

Money is definitely not everything, there are much more important things in life than money, however for me personally I would love to see the first millionaire minted in-game… I would consider that a measure of success for a metaverse game.

About Plutonians

Plutonians is an MMORPG VR Space Game powered by Solana featuring an NFT Shipyard, Game Builder, Story Editor, and a great introduction to DeFi and blockchain for new audiences!

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