Plutonians are coming

3 min readApr 13, 2022


The Spiciest Space RPG on Solana is Coming to Savannah Launchpad

It’s Finally here

Admittedly, it has been a long time coming. We wanted to ensure our first of many launches on Savannah was something we would be proud to offer our community; Something that embodied our values of decentralization. We vetted dozens of projects but when we saw Plutonians we knew it was something special and we knew we wanted to share it with you.

There are no shortages of projects launching the space but we needed something that would withstand the test of time. We, much like our community, aren’t in it for the easy dollar. We’re in it to bring you AAA applications and games that are breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of distributed ledger technology. If we won’t use it or we wouldn’t play it, we sure wouldn’t expect our community to.

Plutonians breaks the mold.

What is Plutonians?

Plutonians is a mix of real-time space strategy with a touch of choose your own adventure. While the game in itself is impressive, following the initial release, the platform stories and NFTs will be born from a collective effort of community and indy developers' imaginations.

Explore the multiverse in a beautifully rendered VR environment and battle your enemies for galactic supremacy. Create, customize, and sell your own starships. Creators tools will be provided to ensure that the community is as much a part of the story as the story itself.

Stunning animation created with WebXR and Unreal Engine lays the backdrop for the journey as user-owned assets merge with infinite possibilities in one of the most epic experiences to grace Solana to date.

The Good News

We’re not just doing an IDO at the public price. We have been keeping a secret for a couple of months and have managed to negotiate a private sale offering for our faithful community. We were waiting for the most opportune time to let everyone know. That time is now.

$100,000 in $PLD and $RPC tokens will be available simply for purchase by providing liquidity on Unlike other launchpads, we aim to foster symbiotic exchange by creating a liquidity provision program for our exchange.

In order to take part in this private sale, users must add USDC/ROAR LP on the Moonriver chain and stake them on the USDC/ROAR Farms. There will be a 3-hour private sale, after which a first come first serve round will be available. Make sure you add some liquidity, accordingly, in order to be able to reserve your allocation.

Each allocation will consist of two tokens. These tokens will be issued in a 50/50 split in relation to your allocation size.

RPC — Republic Credits (In-game currency) at $0.001 private sale price
PLD-Plutonian DAO (governance token) at $0.1 private sale price.

Date: April 18th, 2022

Please check your network and verify that you are using Moonriver and not Moonbeam when adding liquidity

How to add liquidity

USDC token contract address is: 0xe3f5a90f9cb311505cd691a46596599aa1a0ad7d
MOVR token contract address is: 0x98878b06940ae243284ca214f92bb71a2b032b8a

Pool Weighting

Your available allocation size will be based on the amount of liquidity you add to the pools. The tier rankings are as follows:

Tier Pool weight
Monkey 10
Zebra 30
Giraffe 80
Leopard 170
Elephant 350
Lion 900

Up to 0.1% LP tokens — Monkey
0.1–0.2% LP tokens — Zebra
0.2%-0.5% LP tokens — Giraffe
0.5%-0.6% LP tokens — Leopard
0.6%-0.7% LP tokens — Elephant
Above 0.8% LP tokens — Lion

About Plutonians

Plutonians is an MMORPG VR Space Game powered by Solana featuring an NFT Shipyard, Game Builder, Story Editor, and a great introduction to DeFi and blockchain for new audiences!

Watch our socials and for more information.

To keep updated with the latest developments, connect with us on:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |Discord | VR Game Demo | Plutonians Labs

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