Important Alphadex MOVR Farming Rewards Announcement!

We are getting a Baby Roar !!! Emissions are changing — PLEASE HARVEST within the next 36 hours!! — From ROAR Farms

Important User Announcement — In 36 hours, reward emissions will be reduced, please harvest your rewards within this 36 hour window! Rewards will still occur but will be reduced by 90%.

We have implemented a new rewards token that will launch shortly after — Baby ROAR! From ROAR Farms 2

You will be able to continue to farm on the older MOVR farms, however with 90% less emissions we recommend you shift over to the new farms! The new farms will earn Baby Roar token and massive rewards and incentives are on the cards!!

You will need to stake on the new farms to gain entry into the Savannah Launchpad also! So please keep this in mind.

Some of you will be asking “what does this mean for ROAR token?” The answer, it will continue to be part of the ecosystem in the Moonbeam farms, it will continue to operate in the CEX and DEX markets and we will continue paying out in the Moonbeam farms high rewards.

We will also have a series of Baby ROAR NFT’s and our LP Provider ROAR NFT’s releasing super soon! ROAR will still give users staking options also on our static pools! All is not lost for ROAR, he just wanted a little assistance from his son to curb some of the emissions!

About Baby Roar

  • The Baby Roar ticker is BBROAR
  • Token Address: 0x4829b57F0160427F768a5C0Aa23cD3D33c7Ab833
  • No Pre-mint
  • We will be establishing a market or users can also establish a Baby Roar BBROAR market on our DEX

About Alphadex

Alphadex is the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver. Alphadex is partnered with the best-in-class technologies to help provide an unparalleled safe trading protocol and user experience. It aims to provide the most accurate up-to-date pricing methodologies with a world-class oracle. Its native token is $ROAR and it has a total supply of 120 million.

For more details, email

Website | Telegram | Discord |Twitter | GitHub




Cross Chain DEX on Moonriver & Moonbeam

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Cross Chain DEX on Moonriver & Moonbeam

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