Alphadex: The new lion in town max out their raise of ~$3M to enter the market as a hot new ecosystem on Moonriver !

3 min readJan 23, 2022


Alphadex is an innovative decentralized AMM, cross chain Incubator, yield farming solution and NFT and conventional Launchpad powered by MoonRiver & Ethereum.

In a market fixated by games and the metaverse, it seemed a risky move, but one the Alphadex team was willing to take. As staunch devotees of Moonriver on the Kusama parachain, the project centres around a robust self governance eco-system, offering impressive rewards for LP holders and market creators alike.

Alphadex combines a series of incentive driven farms and static pools, and LP providers receive the full transaction trading fees. It also combines some of the best in class battle tested dApps, such as shadow staking, yield farming and Alphadexs’ own unique spin on an NFT Launch solution.

$ROAR token holders and LP providers will receive the most attractive staking and farming rewards possible, whilst also receiving first options to be whitelisted for top tier projects via the two launchpads below:

Alphadex is launching on Polkabridge and Ignition IDO Launchpads!

Alphadex is being incubated by Oddiyana Ventures, a futuristic blockchain investment firm with rich experience and widespread networks in the blockchain industry.

The highly experienced Alphadex team predominantly stem from Australia, and across Asia, bringing a fresh new approach to the DEFI space, coupled with a synergistic passion for the Moonriver and Kusama community.

Rallying support from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Moonwhale, Black Edge, DCI , Ex Network, Wealth Union, Master Ventures, True Capital, TruePnl, Blockmint, Pinnacle, Brotherhood Ventures as well as influencers Crypto Fomo, Lil Lambo, Trader Lenny, Crypto Daku and many more, Alphadex roared out of the gate, selling out all 4 rounds within a week. Amongst other things, Investors were impressed by an already functional MVP and static farms. It’s not often you see a project that is already developed and ready to go to market immediately.

The future vision for Alphadex is to develop an innovative cross-chain driven AMM protocol that utilizes the best in class para-chain: Moonriver, and featuring Polkadot interoperability in it’s desired state and to continue to adapt and evolve the tech to provide a platform for innovation in an ever changing market, whilst continuing to up the anti with attractive rewards for the community.

“It’s quite exciting to see that Alphadex is gradually rising on its feet and it is now all set to launch its IDO. Alphadex has received tremendous support from its investors and supporters along its journey as it is one of the early Dex on Moonriver with a cross-chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad. We foresee Alphadex would be like Uniswap for Eth, Pancakeswap for BSC and Trader Joe for Avalanche. Parachains and Polkadot ecosystem is only getting started and it’s going to greatly contribute towards the overall growth”. — Fabian Van Doesburg, Partner, Oddiyana Ventures

About Alphadex

Alphadex is the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver. Alphadex is partnered with the best-in-class technologies to help provide an unparalleled safe trading protocol and user experience. It aims to provide the most accurate up-to-date pricing methodologies with a world-class oracle. Its native token is $ROAR and it has a total supply of 120 million.

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