Alphadex : $ROAR Airdrop + Limited Edition NFT’s for Liquidity Providers

ROUND 1 — Earn $ROAR & NFT rewards for USDC/MOVR Liquidity Providers

Alphadex ROARs into the spotlight as the newest kid on the block in the Moonbeam/Moonriver Parachain! Exciting times ahead, call for even more exciting rewards and incentives to join this new Alpha-DEX! Join our launch celebrations and be rewarded with $ROAR tokens and also limited edition Alphadex NFT’s which will be minted in a very unique way (More information on that side of things over the coming days).

For now, grab yourself some MOVR and USDC and head to , connect your Metamask wallet or equivalent and add the MOVR RPC if you haven’t already (It’s automatically added with Metamask).

Then add some liquidity through the Pool tab, We will be rewarding all LP token holders!

Tutorial Video — How to add Liquidity to USDC/MOVR Market


After you add your liquidity to the MOVR/USDC Market, go to this WEBFORM:

USDC token contract address is: 0xe3f5a90f9cb311505cd691a46596599aa1a0ad7d
MOVR token contract address is: 0x98878b06940ae243284ca214f92bb71a2b032b8a

1/ Complete all of the details.
2/ Leave your Liquidity in until 1 week after our TGE or stake and Farm them from TGE, it’s your choice.
3/ One week after TGE, we will take a snapshot and all LP Providers will receive an airdrop of $ROAR tokens and a unique Alphadex $ROAR Limited Edition NFT!
4/ Remember, you must complete the webform to receive the airdrop!
5/ One week after TGE — you will start receiving your $ROAR rewards and we will also organise your NFT!

TGE is scheduled for ~14th of January 2021 — So get in now!

About Alphadex

Alphadex is the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver. Alphadex is partnered with the best-in-class technologies to help provide an unparalleled safe trading protocol and user experience. It aims to provide the most accurate up-to-date pricing methodologies with a world-class oracle. Its native token is $ROAR and it has a total supply of 120 million.

For more details, email

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