Alphadex: Forms Strategic Partnership with ExNetwork

Alphadex forms a strategic partnership with ExNetwork Capital who will assist with community building and ecosystem development. — This is a warmly welcomed partnership!

Alphadex, the Ultimate decentralized Cross-Chain AMM, Farms, Incubator, Launchpad and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver has formed a strategic partnership with ExNetwork Capital.

Exnetwork Capital was established in 2018 with the goal of democratising access to funding options for blockchain businesses. Since then, it has grown into a multi-faceted organisation that supports not just the traditional blockchain organisation configurations, but also more radical ones like anonymous and dispersed teams.

Eric Su, a seasoned creative who has shown a talent for identifying enthusiastic teams and assisting them in reaching a level of success that benefits all parties involved, and Dric Yao, a crypto researcher and experienced operations manager, make up the team. A network of allies helps the operation produce exceptional outcomes, not merely in terms of monetary value, but also in terms of knowledge accumulation.

The ExNetwork Incubator is administered by a network of allies, and it is a low-key but high-impact incubator that propels anonymous and public teams forward in the short term while also establishing their culture for long-term success with DAOs and decentralisation as non-negotiable conditions.

We’re thrilled to be working with ExNetwork. ExNetwork have been around since 2018 and are well known for incubating and accelerating top DeFi projects. We look forward to a brighter future thanks to this partnership and welcome the chance to work together!”

Daniel Gibbs, Founder of Alphadex

“Alphadex has a high chance it will be an ecosystem boostr to Moonriver. Their vision of suite of defi tools is great way to explore the potential of Moonriver as a new frontier in DEFI.”

Eric Su, Co-founder of ExNetwork Capital

About Alphadex

Alphadex is the ultimate Cross-Chain AMM, Incubator, and NFT Launchpad powered by Moonriver. Alphadex is partnered with the best-in-class technologies to help provide an unparalleled safe trading protocol and user experience. It aims to provide the most accurate up-to-date pricing methodologies with a world-class oracle. Its native token is $ROAR and it has a total supply of 120 million.

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About ExNetwork Capital

Exnetwork is Philippines’ #1 crypto fund with strong ties to every major geographical crypto community in the world. It’s exceptional network include several DAOs, telegram communities, a leading validator, incubator, idea labs, gaming guilds and growth agency.

In 2021, we’ve seen an incredibly strong period for innovation at Exnetwork Capital, with a barrage of creative projects developed by builders, early adopters, and visionaries all looking to develop the next big thing in crypto. Exnetwork Capital aims to invest in a diverse group of projects that will surely disrupt the market.

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